The Global Semiconductor Industry Analysts

The Global Semiconductor Industry Analysts

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In the industry for the industry, Future Horizons provides industry analysis and consulting services on the global semiconductor industry, from the underlying science and technology to the manufacture and applications.

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Transistor Birthday

On 16 Dec 1947, Shockey, Bardeen and Brattain produced the first working transistor. Happy 70th birthday


Planar Process

On 14 Jan 1959, Jean Hoerni announced the planar transistor process.  One week later, on 23 Jan 1959, Bob Noyce filed a patent for the planar IC.  This invention is still fundamental for all ICs today.



On 11 May 1979, Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston released the first PC killer app and true father of the personal computer era, the VisiCalc spreadsheet running on an Apple II computer.  The software tail that truly wagged the PC dog.

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