The Global Semiconductor Industry Analysts

The Global Semiconductor Industry Analysts

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In the industry for the industry, Future Horizons provides industry analysis and consulting services on the global semiconductor industry, from the underlying science and technology to the manufacture and applications.               

"No device, no invention, however ingenious, can survive without a market" … 'Revolution In Miniature, history and impact of semiconductor electronics' by Ernst Braun & Stuart Macdonald, Cambridge University Press
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FH Monday

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Outlook For 2022

See here for the page for the recent IFS2022

China Conundrum

Fateful choices for ICs and Taiwan … sleepwalking to disaster?

Silicon Chip

Industry awareness workshop. On client premises only at present, next public event TBA. Click here for details

Silicon Valley Roots

The men... The Legend... The Legacy. How it all began

Planar Process

On 14 Jan 1959, Jean Hoerni announced the planar process, still fundamental for all ICs today

Transistor Birthday

On 16 Dec 1947, Shockey, Bardeen and Brattain produced the first working transistor. The Information Age Superhero

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