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Archives of IT Interview with Malcolm Penn, Future Horizons' Founder and CEO, 3 March 2022

Malcolm Penn could have been a rock star but turned out to be a market researcher, analyst and authority on the electronics industry. He was interviewed by Richard Sharpe for Archive of IT in February 2022.

R&B music subsidised his electronic engineering degree sandwich course of four years with Vickers Aircraft in Weybridge and Wisley, where he worked on the VC10 programme, testing one plane almost to destruction, and Venner Electronics in South-West London designing digital test equipment primarily for BT. He spent 14 years with ITT Semiconductors and ITT Europe, where he learned his trade in chip design, product marketing, manufacturing and as a chip user.

He set up the US market research company Dataquest in Europe, before forming his own market research company, Future Horizons, to explain what the numbers mean. He has trenchant views on Intel and ARM, which are well worth hearing.

Malcolm Penn on Almost Destroying a Plane

Malcolm Penn on His Worst Job

Malcolm Penn on Continuing Work

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