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Silicon Chip Industry Workshop

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Silicon Chip Industry Workshop

Join Us At The Next Silicon Chip Industry Workshop

18 June 2024 9:30-16:00. Registration from 9am.

Please see our brouchure for further information. 

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Tel: +44 1732 740440

Holiday Inn, Kensington High Street, Wrights Lane, London, W8 5SP

About the Workshop

This one-day semiconductor workshop provides delegates with a grounding in the basic fundamentals of the Integrated Circuit industry, its workings, technology, markets and importance. 

Workshop Benefits

  • We guarantee you will leave the workshop with a greater understanding of the IC industry, increasing your industry 'know-how' and efficiency levels
  • You will gain a comprehensive understanding of industry terminology, enabling you to talk the industry language
  • Increased confidence levels allows you to execute day-to-day operations with finesse
  • Renews enthusiasm & increases staff morale
  • Employees will have a greater understanding of supplier jargon & can negotiate better deals
  • Client’s needs are successfully met resulting in repeat business and referrals

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"It was great! I can't remember a seminar of a similar density".

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What Will I Learn?

Presented in layman terms, the one day Silicon Chip Industry Workshop provides delegates with:

  • A grounding in the basic fundamentals of the electronics and Integrated Circuit industry, from theory to market application.
  • An insight into the semiconductor manufacturing process, semiconductor technology and equipment, the industry economics and an understanding of the IT revolution and industry trends.
  • A comprehensive understanding of industry terminology, enabling you to talk the industry talk.
  • To enhance delegate understanding audience interaction is encouraged and semiconductor devices, material samples and other visual aids are used throughout the workshop. 

Who Should Attend?

The workshop is aimed at individuals working within the semiconductor and information technology (IT) industries.  It is suitable for those looking for an introduction to the semiconductor industry, to those with a specialist focus needing an industry overview.

For added convenience all our semiconductor workshops and forecast events are still available in-house, please call +44 1732 740440 or >email  us today.

Silicon Chip 2024 Dates

  • Tues 18 Jun 2024
  • Tues 5 Nov 2024


Registration: 09:15 - 09:30

Seminar: 09:30 - 16.00


£795 per delegate + £159 VAT 
Total 954


Holiday Inn - Kensington High StreetWrights Lane, London, W8 5SP

Registration Fee Includes

Training from Chairman and CEO Malcolm Penn who has over 50 years experience within the semiconductor industry

  • Workshop binder containing copies of the material presented, including a comprehensive Glossary of Terms detailing the most frequently used industry terminology
  • Coffee breaks and lunch
  • Our unique post-workshop feature provides a three month complimentary enquiry privilege. Delegates can call Malcolm directly with questions arising from the workshop material or related work issues

Hotel Accommodation 

Accommodation at the hotel is not included. If an overnight hotel is required, please inform us upon booking.

"The workshop provided a good basis to understanding the semiconductor industry for developing new activities/programs within my organisation"


Getting excited about an industry built on sand


Let’s pretend a company has developed a 15-nanometer processor technology for NAND flash memory widely used in smartphones and tablets. While industry commentators and engineers become animated, the average consumer on the street remains unmoved or even oblivious.

We live in an age where as consumers we are more reliant on the technology devices in our hands, in our cars and on our walls than ever before. The majority of people couldn't care less how their devices work, but how well they work and how good they look. They've never met Malcolm Penn! Falling in love with transistors Future Horizon’s one-day Silicon Industry workshop provides delegates with a grounding in the basic fundamentals of the Integrated Circuit industry, its workings, technology, markets and importance.It’s a great introduction to anyone starting out in the semiconductor industry – whether that’s as a PR, marketer, HR or sales person. The only thing the host forgot to mention was that apart from an intensive learning day, we’d have some fun too! It could have been because of:

  1. The host’s personality and knowledge – Malcolm is a very charismatic person with over 45 years of experience in the semiconductor industry
  2. The interactive nature of the workshop including a chance to ask questions over breakfast and lunch
  3. The varying background of the attendees providing a great chance to meet new people with different stories to tell

Before the workshop even started, during a coffee chat with Malcolm we had already learnt that silicon is made mostly of sand. These silicon chips, now a £170 billion pound industry worldwide, originate from the second most ample substance on earth.
Of course, sand is partly comprised of silicon dioxide, and silicone is today the most common example of semiconductor material.

Five hours later
Everyone in the room felt comfortable to talk not only about electronics theory, but also the silicon chip manufacturing process, thanks to the seminar style presentation and some helpful videos. I can now happily explain the difference between wafer polishing and wafer slicing processes!
From the perspective of a tech PR, the workshop is an extremely useful exercise to help cut through the sometimes confusing industry terminology and get to the heart of why a new technology is actually interesting.