The Global Semiconductor Industry Analysts

The Global Semiconductor Industry Analysts

Semiconductor Start Up/SME Support

Cash flow is king when starting up a new business, but so too is timely access to semiconductor market research information. Even the best targeted products come unstuck due to unforeseen market or competitive developments, yet accessing professional research reports and industry experts may just frankly be beyond start up/SME budget reach.

As such, Future Horizons offers a special product marketing support options to industry start ups & SME's at an affordable entry level price, including full access to all of our international networking events.

The Start Up/SME support package comprises:

  • A market research library comprising PDF copies of Future Horizons Annual Semiconductor, providing a database of industry and market statistics.
  • A subscription to Future Horizons Global Semiconductor Monthly Report for a routine pulse of the current industry outlook.
  • Free site licence to facilitate dissemination of the information throughout your organisation.
  • One free delegate attendance at Future Horizons Annual Industry Forecast Seminars in January and July.
  • One free delegate and spouse attendance at Future Horizons Annual Electronics Industry Forum in May.
  • A ‘telephone chat’ diagnostic appraisal of the start up market opportunity potential under a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  • Referral to Freshleaf Media and EML, Future Horizons B2B business support partners, for corporate web design and PR support.
  • Guidance on potential investors and media contacts.

This comprehensive report package is available at an annual cost of just £3000.00, a saving of over 80 percent compared with the normal list price.

We can undertake bespoke research work at a very reasonable cost, everything from a few hours or days for a due diligence sanity check to a full-blown “where are the customers and markets for my new invention?” study.

Past start up company commendations include:

  • “Future Horizons start up support is the most cost-effective and efficient way of staying in touch with industry trends; it is now a permanent part of my annual ‘to do’ programme.”
  • “As a start-up CEO, Future Horizons gave me the opportunity to raise my firms profile.”
  • "Future Horizons gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of key industry executives, something I could never have done under my own initiative.”
  • "Tapping into Future Horizons impressive network of worldwide industry contacts got me answers to questions that were simply not available to me by any other means.”

Contact Future Horizons for further details of our Start Up/SME Support Services.

It is also never too early to think about branding, even if still operating heavily in stealth mode. As such Future Horizons works with its professional partners EML and Freshleaf Media.

EML is a technology PR agency specialising in national, regional and global campaigns that get results. They are equally at home working with the world's biggest technology brands and with early stage start ups; targeting senior decision makers or highly informed technical experts.

Freshleaf Media are experts in corporate website design for the electronics and technology industries.  They offer a full range of professional corporate website design and development services, based on sound principles of customer service and their wealth of experience in creating practical and usable B2B websites.

Both of these organisations are semiconductor/IT industry specialists able to talk the industry talk which makes for a smooth and efficient working experience.

Click here to contact EML and/or Freshleaf Media... just tell them Future Horizons sent you.