The Global Semiconductor Industry Analysts

The Global Semiconductor Industry Analysts

Fundamentals Of IC Economics Webinar

Held on Tuesday Mar 21 2023, 3pm UK GMT

The semiconductor market is known for its cyclicality, with periods of high demand and supply shortages followed by periods of oversupply and low demand. This current cycle, the 17th in the industry’s history, took the market by surprise given perceived dictated that geographically expanding and ever-diversifying new market opportunities had finally tamed the cycles.

This one-hour broadcast focused on the chip industry economics, including:

  • What are the key factors that drive market cyclicality?
  • Can the semiconductor cycle ever be tamed
  • What are the exposures, vulnerabilities, opportunities, losers and gainers?
  • What will the current downturn end?
  • What will be the likely downturn repercussions?
  • How can firms build resilient chip industry strategies and business models?

The chip cycles can have a significant impact on the industry, with companies experiencing consecutive periods of growth and decline. However, despite the inherent volatility, the semiconductor market has shown consistent long-term growth due to the increasing importance of technology in our daily lives. Key to long-term success is how to manage the industry cycles.

Founded in 1989, Future Horizons’ track-record and industry experience makes this a must-attend event for key decision makers in the semiconductor, electronics, and all related industries. We always present accurate and insightful analysis at these events backed up by sound data along with the no-holds barred opportunity to ask specific questions in advance, during and after the event.

Who Should Attend?

  • All companies, small and large, from startups to established market leaders
  • Key decision-makers engaged in the design, manufacture, or supply of semiconductors
  • Government organizations involved in trade and investment
  • Those involved in investing or banking within the electronics industry
  • Senior marketing executives planning future marketing strategy

Why Future Horizons? We have been in the business of forecasting and analyzing the semiconductor market for over 55 years, from the first commercial IC, and have been a trusted advisor to many of the top semiconductor companies. Time and again, we have saved our clients time and money with our insightful and accurate analysis.

Would you like to have this information?

  • The event can also be repeated in-house for your added convenience and flexibility