The Global Semiconductor Industry Analysts

The Global Semiconductor Industry Analysts

Russian Electronics

Future Horizons has been active in the Russian/CIS market since the beginning of Perestroika, and is widely recognised as the world’s top consultant on the Russian and East European electronics industry.

In April 1990, Future Horizons established its wholly owned, Moscow-based subsidiary, East-West Electronics, to undertake market research, consulting and other business support services for both Western and Russian/CIS firms alike.

In conjunction with its exclusive Moscow-based affiliate, Elint SP, Future Horizons offers a unique opportunity to enter this rapidly growing marketplace, from visa and visit-support, translation and interpreting services through to partnership search and business transactions.

On the market research front, Future Horizons has published several reports on Russia and Eastern Europe including: Russian Electronics Report, Russian/CIS Distribution Report, Russia & The Other Countries of the Former USSR IC Reference Manual, East European Semiconductor Report and East European Report (monthly newsletter on Eastern Europe).  

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