The Global Semiconductor Industry Analysts

The Global Semiconductor Industry Analysts

Annual Semiconductor Report

Annual Semiconductor Report Content

The Annual Semiconductor Report analyses the semiconductor market by:

  • Product 
  • Application Market
  • Region 

The 2012 edition covers the historical data for 2006-2011, together with a five-year semiconductor industry forecast for 2012-2016 inclusive. The "Annual Semiconductor Report" significantly reduces the cost of external market research by offering a high quality, better value alternative to anything currently available.  

Who Should Purchase The Annual Semiconductor Report?

This report is essential for those involved in semiconductor industry research and business development planning in the global semiconductor market. It will also prove invaluable for authorities and government departments in planning and directing economic growth, as well as companies seeking to invest in these markets. 

Annual Semiconductor Report Facts

Report Title: The Annual Semiconductor Report

Release Date: January

Number of Pages: 410

Number of Tables & Figures: 240

Media:-Printed copy, PDF files supplied on CD ROM

Price: €4,580

Price for Internet Site Licence: €6,500

Products and Applications Items Include Forecasts As Well as Semiconductor Industry and Technical Trends:

  • Current Year In Perspective
  • Forecast Summary
  • Forecast Assumptions
  • The Economy, End-User Demand & Industry Capacity
  • Country Analysis & Economic Outlook
  • Electronic Equipment Production
  • Worldwide Semiconductor Market
  • Impact of Capacity Imbalance
  • Electronic Data Processing Market Summary
  • Telecommunications Market Summary
  • Consumer Market Summary
  • Industrial Market Summary
  • Automotive Market Summary
  • Military Market Demand & Industry Capacity
  • European Semiconductor Market by Product:
  • MOS Memory Market Forecast,Trends & Outlook
  • Microcomponents Market Forecast,Trends & Outlook
  • Analogue Market Forecast Trends & Outlook
  • MOS Logic Market Forecast,Trends & Outlook
  • Discrete Market Forecast,Trends & Outlook
  • Optoelectronics Market Forecast,Trends & Outlook
  • Digital Bipolar Market Forecast,Trends & Outlook

Further Information

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