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The Global Semiconductor Industry Analysts

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Malcolm Penn, Future Horizons Chairman and CEO is often asked by national and international media for his expert opinion on the semiconductor and electronics industry.

SemiWiki - Daniel Nenni 14 Jan 2022

Podcast EP57: A Perspective of 2021 & 2022 with Malcolm Penn

Dan and Malcolm review their last discussion on 2021 forecasts, which produced aggressive numbers many said were too optimistic. Their predictions turned out to be on the mark. They also explore what will this year look likes and the drivers and risks going forward

Silicon Catalyst Fall Advisor Event - 20 Oct 2021

No Man (Or Start-Up) Is An Island - watch here

News Bulletin TRT World – 13 Oct2021

Apple to cut iPhone 13 production due to chip shortage

SemiWiki - Daniel Neemi - 1 Oct 2021

Podcast EP40: The Semiconductor Supply Chain and the Real Cause of Semiconductor Shortages

Dan and Mike are joined by Malcolm Penn, 50-year semiconductor industry veteran and founder and CEO of Future Horizons. Dan and Mike explore the evolution of the semiconductor supply chain, how we got to the current state of shortages and... Read More

 CGTN Europe - The Agenda with Stephen Cole - 4 Sept 2021

Chip Supply Chain Issues, watch Malcolm's portion here

Watch whole programme here

Money Talks Interview TRT World - 13 Apr 2021

US President Biden proposes $50B semiconductor investment

Money Talks Interview TRT World - 30 Mar 2021

Foxconn warns of revenue slump as chip shortage worsens

Money Talks Interview TRT World - 10 Mar 2021

EU Launches Plan To Boost Semiconductor Manufacturing

Money Talks Interview TRT World - 26 Jan 2021

The Chips are Down

Outlook for 2021 - 6 Dec 2020

FH Industry outlook

RainMaker12 Presentation - YouTube 

Watch Malcolm's 'Semiconductor Devices...More Than Just a Component'

Malcolm Penn carried out numerous interviews to give his expert opinion on how the 2011 Japanese earthquake will affect the global electronics industry. 

Bloomberg TV Interview ~ 17th Mar 2011

Future Horizons' Chairman & CEO Malcolm Penn took part in a live interview on Bloomberg TV show "The Last Word" with Andrea Catherwood.  Hear Malcolm's analysis of the semiconductor industry following the Japanese earthquake.  

BBC Breakfast News and BBC World Business Report Interviews ~ 18 Mar 2011

Malcolm will again be giving his opinions and forecast as to how the Japanese earthquake will affect the semiconductor industry.

Client Comments

As usual Malcolm's insights from all three interviews are very interesting and I would say bang on the button.  I can see the industry gradually waking up to new shortages in all sorts of unexpected areas.

Certainly silicon wafers, especially 300mm will be extremely tight for quite a while. 

Paul Dorman, Vice President Sales, SUMCO Europe Sales plc

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